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As winter is starting to wind down and spring has begun, I have started to think about my garden and lawn.  With gardening and lawn care, comes the way we keep them green and thriving: sprinkler systems. I have put in a few sprinkler systems in the past and I have used two or three different brands. I personally have been impressed with the durability, ease and power of the Rain bird series. They are made with heavy duty materials stainless steel springs. These sprinklers have several patented features such as the pressure-activated co-molded wiper seal and the Dual Spray nozzles. They have a variety of types of sprinklers from pop-up spray to rotors to irrigation. You can pretty much find whatever you are looking for.

If you are looking to put in a new system or simply wanting to replace old nozzles check out some of their products. One great part of these sprinklers is they allow for easy adjusting. Whether you are adjusting for watering direction, spray distance or pattern they all can be done so in a few simple steps. The next part is adjusting for the 1800 series.

If you are changing the nozzle on your system, remove the old nozzle with a pair of pliers and then remove the filter screen below the nozzle. Then insert the new filter screen, thread the new nozzle on and turn clockwise until tight.

Adjusting Water Direction

After you have installed your sprinkler, you can pop up the stem and simple move the stem with your hand to aim the spray patter in the desired watering direction.

Adjusting the Spray Distance

Using a small flat screwdriver, locate the center screw and turn it clockwise to reduce the spray distance up to 25 percent.

Adjusting the Pattern

Note: this is only available in adjustable models.  Locate the threaded collar and twist from right or left. You can adjust from 0 degrees to 360 degrees.

Even though the adjusting tips are specifically for the 1800 series, they are similar or the same for any of the other Rain bird series. I have found that although the adjusting method is simple, when adjusting it may take some time and practice to get it just the way you want it especially when adjusting the pattern. Here is a guide if you encounter problems.