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            Having your own business or office requires that you maintain the space where you do your work.  Part of this includes keeping up the bathrooms that you have on the premises, even though this isn’t going to be the highest priority on the list.  When you own a large business that sees a lot of volume of customers (such as a big restaurant) you will need a lot of supplies just to keep the restroom nice and stocked.  It is important to have everything stocked-I know that when I use a public restroom and it is missing paper towels or soap that it makes my day worse.  You don’t want to be responsible for making someone’s day worse, do you?  I know that I avoid messing someone’s day up when I can.

            Part of keeping the restroom nice is by having the right equipment.  Whether you have a small restroom with only one toilet or you have larger restrooms with much more, it is important to have a good soap dispenser.  There are many different types of soap dispensers that can be purchased.  Some of them are found on the wall, while others are next to the sink somewhere.  Most of these dispensers are automatic but there are still some that are hand operated manually.  They can be found in any combination of the different types.

            Wall mounted soap dispensers come in different shapes and sizes, but all of them serve the same purpose and have a variation on the same type of set-up.  Most are a rectangular shape, some of them are horizontal and others are vertical.  The dispensers have some sort of refill that goes inside.  Some are built in while others are removable and replaceable.  The wall mount dispensers are usually hand pumped, but more and more are becoming automated.  The style of the hand pump can be different and sometimes that can make it confusing for those who are using the soap.  Some dispensers are designed to be more durable for places like gases stations and rest areas.

            Soap dispensers are sometimes found on the rim of the sink or off to the side in the counter.  Most of these types of dispensers are automated and will squirt out soap if you stick your hand under the nozzle where the soap is supposed to come out.  They range in design and some of them look like they are a faucet spout.  They have a sensor that detects motion so that it doesn’t just randomly squirt out soap throughout the day.  Non-automated dispensers use a pump system like the ones that are found in liquid soap dispensers that can be purchased at local stores.  They have a canister that can be removed to refill them when they are out of soap.

            Whatever your needs are-wall mount or off to the side, manual or automatic-you can find what you need at, along with soap refills and other supplies to keep your bathroom functional, clean, and presentable.