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            I like being outside and spending time with my family, but it isn’t always the ideal situation.  During the winter it is too cold to be outside for too long and some days during the summer it is way too hot!  On the days that we can’t spend time outside, we like to spend our time together watching movies.  Almost every Friday night during the winter we spend in our home theater room, where we watch movies, eat popcorn, and just have a good time together.  At the back of the home theater, we have a table where not only put treats and drinks, but we also can play board and card games.  More recently we added a video game console that requires movement and we have tournaments against each other.

            As the years have gone by, and as money has permitted, we have purchased more movies to watch and made improvements to the room.  We started out with some of our old couches, but these have been replaced with nicer ones that have cup holders for our various beverages.  We used to eat microwave popcorn but now we have a popcorn making machine.  Not only have we spent a lot of time together in the room, but we have had birthday parties for our kids and their friends.  Since there are no windows in the room, it feels like a real theater experience.  Many of the kids who have come over for these parties always say how cool the room is.  I have been thinking about other changes we can make to it and have found some good ones at: